Ignite Services provides preventative maintenance and service excellence to businesses large and small, Australia wide.


Ignite Services has been based in Adelaide South Australia since 2005. We are a company of:- qualified, experienced Service Technicians in gas, electrical and plumbing.


  • Qualified and experienced gas fitters and service technicians are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • We are available for consultation and the inspection and maintenance of gas fired burners and other gas fired equipment. (Interstate reliant on travel times)
  • We provide fully equipped service teams with expertise in a diverse range of areas including gas fitting, electrical, plumbing, welding and boiler making.
  • To create a rewarding work place, we value each member of the team, acknowledge good performance and ensure all are able to achieve personal growth, express opinions, share ideas and expand knowledge.


To provide a superior service for our clients who will benefit from our knowledge, performance, safety standards, quality of workmanship and regard for the environment.


  • To ensure that at all times we operate safely and are mindful of environmental and social impact.
  • To advise of combustion analysis on Customer’s Type B gas appliances and to maintain best efficiency.
  • To ensure all legal requirements are met and minimize emissions to the atmosphere.
  • To consider waste management and remove any unused/unsafe materials or parts, recycling when ever possible.
  • To ensure all O.H.& S. requirements are met.


  • We share information and ideas with our customers and ensure that the environmental and social needs are best met.
  • We will listen, offer options and consult our team. If necessary we talk with other experts in the field to provide the best available outcomes for our customers.
  • We will do our best to meet time constraints and inform our clients of our progress.


We aim to strengthen our capabilities and technical skills by our ongoing training initiatives and by sharing the wide range of individual expertise.

Work Approval

All additional work approval will be sought with Managers before materials are ordered or work is commenced.

Spare Parts Agreement

To supply critical spares for breakdown needs and assist in the recognition and sourcing of equipment required.


Ignite Services has working relationships and continues to service and maintain the gas fired equipment of many companies. These include Mining Companies, Factories, Facility Managers (Schools, Hotels, Office Buildings and Shopping Centres), Hotels, Restaurants and Tourist Resorts.