For our domestic and light commercial customer as well as general repairs and maintenance we also install new toilets and bathroom equipment, dishwashers, washing machines, hot water services, bathroom renovations.



  • Underground and above ground pipe work
  • Installation of hot water systems
  • Replacement / repairs
  • Leaking taps
  • Blocked drains


Our highly regarded and trustworthy tradesmen provide a wide range of gas and plumbing expertise. We work as a team ensuring that our customers receive personalised service and information that meet their needs. We are able to give quotes for service and installations that are competitive and reasonable. We take pride in being organised. Whenever possible we make a time to meet our customers and perform the work required. We ensure that our customers receive service of the highest quality. Our friendly trades people are fully licensed and qualified and take pride in their work. Our regulars ask for the tradesperson of their choice.



Flora Plumbing is an important sector of Ignite Services operating from 214 Churchill Road, the original directors, John and Betty Castle, after many years of looking after the plumbing needs of their customers, have moved to a change of lifestyle. Ignite Services continue with Flora tradesmen to take pride in providing quality service for the local and surrounding suburbs.

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